What’s The Alternative?


My purpose in creating this blog is to help consumers make more meaningful purchase decisions. I am not here to advocate that consumers should not shop mainstream brands or boycott companies. There are products I still purchase from large corporations; I have yet to find an ethical facial moisturizer with SPF that compares in quality to the mainstream one I currently use. However, I hope in reading these posts and discovering new brands, that my readers will begin to make subtle or gradual changes to their purchase decisions.

Fun with vintage styles and thrift store finds.

In terms of fashion, the biggest change you can make is to carefully love the items you own and not to purchase items you would not want to wear over and over. When I need/want something “new” in my wardrobe, I always see if I can find the item in a secondhand shop before purchasing brand new. If I am unable to find what I am looking for in a thrift store, I then check an ethical/sustainable brand to see if they have the desired product. I shop mainstream when I cannot find what I am looking for anywhere else. I recently purchased some slim cut chino pants from J.Crew because I could not find a comparable fit elsewhere. This is a brand I think could make vast improvements, so I will be reaching out to the company during Fashion Revolution Week using this wonderful email template.

There might not (yet) be a great tool for rating beauty brands but finding ethical or sustainable brands is not very hard. Pacifica, SheaMoisture, and Botanics can all be found at Target and Ulta. Purchasing a variety of makeup and personal care items is simply a click away through Petit Vour or The Detox Market. Your local health food store will most likely also carry an array of ehtical/sustainable beauty brands and products.



What is the alternative? To best answer this question, you are going to have to push up your sleeves and do a little research to find alternatives to the mainstream companies you currently shop. The “Brands to Know” section should be a great launching pad and rating tools such as “Good on You App” will help you find the fashion brands that align with your values.

Photo Credit: All images are the author’s personal photos.

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