Dog Mamas Choose Global Mamas


Global Mamas is a fair trade retailer that makes clothing, accessories, and skin care. They also have a colorful collection of ties, bandanas, and leashes for pets. Their dog ties are only $9 and can work for any size pooch because it slides over the collar. I love my furbaby’s tie because it does not get in his way and somehow it makes him even cuter.


Like many other fair trade companies, Global Mamas is focused on empowering women by providing economic opportunities. All of their products are hand-crafted in Ghana and the profits go right back to support the local community. As you browse through their website you can shop for beautiful handcrafted apparel/accessories and see the women who make the products.

Global Mama’s also sells children’s clothing in bold and vibrant prints, similar to the material used for women’s apparel. Last year I bought the below dress for my niece and she absolutely loved it!


Photo Credit: All images are the author’s personal photos.

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