Very few companies are as interested in empowering the communities they work in as much as Alaffia. The company was established to create jobs and economic opportunities for women in disadvantaged communities in Togo. Alaffia’s “Empowerment Projects” do not stop with providing sustainable employment, they also have programs focused on education, maternal health, reforestation, and eyeglass donation.

Another thing to love about Alaffia is their wide variety of personal care products.


Photo Credit: Author’s Own Images

My husband and I first discovered Alaffia a few years ago when we spotted their body wash at Sprouts. We have been pleasantly surprised by their hair care products and soap too. My husband loves large bottles and affordable price point. The next items on my list to try are their face serums and creams.

“Beautiful Curl’s” is Alaffia’s inclusive hair line made for wavy to kinky hair. The company also has a super cute collection of products for babies and children.

The majority of Alaffia’s products are Made Safe certified, meaning they are made with ingredients that are non-toxic or not known to cause any harm to human health.  You can find Alaffia products at most health food stores or use the store locator tool to find the closest retailer to you that stocks their products.

AlaffiaOwnThese are all the Alaffia products I currently have in my own home.

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