Step In The Right Direction


A common misconception surrounding conscious consumerism is the lack of stylish or affordable options. This might have been true years ago but now there are numerous “ethical” companies that sell fashionable items and “mainstream” companies adopting ethical initiatives. Finding companies that align with your beliefs are just a few clicks or swipes away. The Good Trade website and The Good On You app are excellent tools for checking and browsing fashion brands impact on people, animals, and the planet.

I was recently on a quest to discover sneakers that were cute enough to wear on casual workdays and sturdy enough to run in (if I were to ever run.) I had previously bought sandals from artisan cooperatives that I really liked but had yet to discover a sneaker that met my sourcing standards and budget. When I used the Good On You app to search shoe brands that were ranked “good” or better, I learned about all the steps the Adidas company has recently taken to improve their environmental impact and labor standards. Adidas is committed to being more sustainable and reducing their carbon footprint; they can also trace the majority of their supply chain.

I think it is important to communicate with companies, expressing your support and/or desire to see change. However, our dollars are sometimes the loudest voices we have so I sent Adidas an appreciative and encouraging email…then I bought a pair of shoes.


Adidas Cloudfoam Racer Sneakers are super light and comfortable for all day wear.

I hope Adidas takes action to ensure living wages to the workers throughout all their supply chains and I will remind them that this is important issue for me as a consumer. They also need to speed up their sustainable timetable to meet their 2020 detox goal. That being said, we also have to demonstrate our approval of mainstream companies taking steps in the right direction and hope in doing so, more companies will follow suit.

Photo Credit: Author’s personal image.

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